Jackie Matubia (Nana) of Zora TV Show, Bio, Age, Height, Husband, Parents, Salary


Jackie Matubia (Nana) Photo
Jackie Matubia (Nana) Photo

Jackie Matubia (Nana) Biography

Jackie Mwangi  Matubia is also known as Nana is unveiled the Zora Citizen TV love drama series. She is a television personality, a digital content creator in Kenya, an actress, and an entrepreneur. As of now, Matubia is playing the “Nana” role on Zora, Citizen TV.

She has been a TV personality and hosted a show at Switch TV known and also Rembo TV as a chat spot alongside other presenters. The show’s name is E-Zone fan fact, the show on Rembo TV is actually her very own TV entertainment news show. Matubia has been featured in different videos from Kenyan artists such as ‘Dakika’ by Daddy Owen and ‘Maswali ya polisi’ by DNA. She is the CEO of her own business called Fabulously Forward.

Nana of Zora Tv Show real Name

Nana’s real name is Jacquelene Mwangi Matubia.

Jackie Matubia (Nana) Age

Mutabia was born in 1992. However, her exact date and month of birth are not known to the limelight. It’s not known when Mutabia celebrates her birthday.

Jackie Matubia (Nana) Height

Mutabia stands at an average height. However, her other body measurements like shoe size and bra size are also unknown.

Jackie Matubia (Nana) Marital Status

Mutabia is a cheerful married television presenter to her long-time hubby Kennedy Njogu. Kennedy Njogu also known as Nyongz. Her husband is a pilot by profession.  The two seem not to be good to be on good terms. Together they have a charming daughter named Zari Wanjiku.

However, Announcing the news via Instagram, she shared a hilarious TikTok video, imitating rapper Nicki Minaj’s voice saying, “I took some time off to rest, and now it’s game time.”However, there have been rumors that she might be dating Madiba whom they act together in Zora drama.

Matubia posted on Facebook a video together with Madiba meaning he might be her baby daddy.

Jackie Matubia (Nana) Children

Mutabia is the mother of her beautiful baby girl Zari Wanjiku. However, she is expecting her second child this year.

Jackie Matubia (Nana) County of Birth

Mutabia’s county of birth is Nairobi, Kenya.

Jackie Matubia (Nana) Place Raised

Mutabia was raised in the United Kingdom and then in Kenya. She was raised by her father who resides in the United Kingdom. Mutabia has not disclosed any information about her mother.

Jackie Matubia (Nana) Nationality

Mutabia is a Kenyan actress by nationality.

Jackie Matubia (Nana) Tribe

Mutabia’s tribe is Gikuyu.

Jackie Matubia (Nana) Parents

Matubia was born and raised in Kenya, but she also grew up partly in the UK where her father resides.

Jackie Matubia (Nana) Children

Matubia and her cute husband are the parents of their amazing daughter called  Zari Wanjiku.

Jackie Matubia (Nana) Education

Matubia has not shared any information about her education.

Jackie Matubia (Nana) Occupation


Film creator.


Jackie Matubia (Nana) Salary

Matubia salary ranges between Ksh 10,000 – 20, 000 per episode.

Jackie Matubia (Nana) Net Worth

Matubia has an estimated net worth of Kshs. 100 Million.

Jackie Matubia (Nana) Role in Zora

Matubia plays the role of being the best friend to Zora also known as Sarah Hassan. She protects Zora in any way. Matubia is a true definition of true friendship. The two are best friends since in Tahid High where they were acting. The two were famously known as Tanya and Jolene, of the show Tahidi High.  She stands for Zora no matter what comes in her way. Matubia has been in the film industry for years now

Zora Tv Show

Zora is a new program airing on Kenya’s Citizen TV starring Sarah Hassan and Jackie Matubia. Sarah Hassan and Jackie Matubia are beautiful actresses who are familiar to many Kenyans since they excellently perform their roles in the show. On Monday, 22nd March, the program kicked off and was set to replace Maria.

It airs on Citizen TV from 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm every weekday (Monday to Friday). The fun fact about this new program is that it is also produced by Maria’s producer, Jiffy Pictures, a film company owned by Lulu Hassan, and her husband, TV news presenter, Rashid Abdalla.

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