Diana Daisy GAU Bio, Age, Height, Husband, Parents, Profession, Comedy & Side Hustle

Diana Daisy photos
Diana Daisy photos

Diana Daisy Biography

Diana Daisy is also known as Gau is an online comedian who commands over 60000 subscribers on YouTube. She showed an interest in arts early in life as she made people laugh something that often got her into trouble. 

GAU’s Real Name

Gau’s real name is Diana Daisy.

Diana Daisy Age

Daisy’s age, date, month, and year of birth are not known to the public.

Diana Daisy Height

Daisy stands at a moderate height. However, her other body measurement like bra size is not known,

Diana Daisy Family / Background

Daisy lost both her parents when she was only five years old. Her mother succumbed to TB while her father was shot dead.  They were raised up by their grandmother who passed on when she had turned 12 years old together with her younger brother. The young comedian was born in Kirinyaga.

In an interview with Buzz George Mwenda, the actress recounted how they were mistreated by their relatives. Daisy enjoyed making people laugh, something that often got her into trouble while in high school. Being a Christian Union leader did not stop her from cracking people’s ribs.

She was also an active participant in the drama club but at the time a career in comedy never crossed her mind.  Daisy loved watching the Churchill Show and enjoyed what other comedians were doing on stage.

Diana Daisy Husband

Daisy has not shared any detail concerning her love life in the limelight.

Diana Daisy Net Worth

Daisy’s net worth is still under review.

Side Hustles

Daisy has not reached a point where she can rely on her art wholly to pay her bills.  She has ventured into farming where she rears dairy cows and grows arrowroots in Kirinyaga to argue her income.


Daisy is a procurement officer by profession. She worked at the now-defunct Tuskys Supermarket to chase her dreams. Before her grand entry into comedy.

Diana Daisy Career

Daisy attended a live Churchill Show event and was awed by the performance. She wanted in. Daisy approached one of the participants who urged her to auditions at Carnivore if she was serious. She attended and found many others also waiting to audition.

It did not go well as she was told to keep trying which she did with no luck. Daisy gave up and began putting up clips online after a while. She also got a job and focused her time on it. When the job came to an end, Daisy continued pursuing her dream of performing comedy.

She later got the chance to perform at the Churchill live show. Daisy’s popularity grew when she teamed up with Cartoon Comedian in 2020. The two-shot video after video and even attended interviews together. She portrayed her skill very well and acted in a number of roles including as a slay queen.

Meanwhile, Daisy’s YouTube channel grew and by September 2021 she had a number of videos and collaborations with several online comedians. She has worked with the likes of Steve Mogul and Naomi Kuria. Daisy’s content is unique and original despite the many skits out there.

The content on her channel is relatable since it is something most viewers have experienced in real life. Daisy makes fun of various things people do in society by bringing out the humor in them. Daisy also does a number of parodies involving popular songs apart from comedy depicting society in a humorous way. For example:

  • A parody of Baikoko by Mbosso ft Diamond.
  • A parody of Yala Fala by Mbosso
  • A parody of Nandy’s Nimekuzoea

Apart from comedy, she is also a Master of ceremony.

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