Bridget Shighadi ( Sofia) of Maria TV Show, Age, Height, Husband, Parents &Education, Salary

Bridget Shighadi Photo
Bridget Shighadi Photo

Bridget Shighadi Biography

Bridget Shighadi is also known as Sofia is among the lead characters in the drama.  The Maria drama series airs on Citizen TV.  She is the wife to the last born son of the wealthy family known as  Hausa  Luwi.

Bridget Shighadi Age

Shighadi will be turning  28 years old. She is a quarter Italian based since her parents are of Italian and Kenyan descent. Before migrating to Kenya,   her family used to live in America.

Bridget Shighadi Height

Shighadi stands at a moderate height.

Sofia of Maria TV Show Real Name

Sofia of Maria TV Show real name is Bridget Shighadi.

Bridget Shighadi County of Birth

Shighadi county of birth is Taita Taveta County in Coastal Kenya.

Bridget Shighadi Place Raised

Shighadi was raised in America before her family locating in Kenya.

Bridget Shighadi Siblings

Shighadi was born in a Christian family with five older sisters.

Bridget Shighadi Occupation

Shighadi is an actress, Modeler,  fashion, and designer.

Bridget Shighadi Popularity

Shighadi has gained popularity for her role of Sofia in the Maria TV Show.

Bridget Shighadi Education

Shighadi joined the University of Nairobi and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations.

Bridget Shighadi Hobby

Shighadi loves modeling, fashion, and design.

Bridget Shighadi Children

Shighadi shares one beautiful daughter by the name Dua Mutuma. With her fiance Nick Mutuma who has been in the film industry for quite a long time. Mutuma is a media personality too and he loves acting so much.

Bridget Shighadi Marital Status

Shighadi dates Nick Mutuma who is an actor. The two have dated for a long until they were blessed with a baby.

Bridget Shighadi other Shows featured

Shighadi is a businesswoman and is the owner of the YEDU fashion line. The designer shop that tailor-makes various clothing needs.

Bridget Shighadi Salary

Shighadi’s salary ranges between Ksh 10,000-20,000 per episode

Bridget Shighadi Net Worth

Shighadi’s net worth is estimated to be over 7 million Kenya Shillings.

Bridget Shighadi Maria TV Show

Shighadi acts as a wicked, gluttonous woman who forces and gets married to the wealthy family’s last born son- Luwi Hausa. She is after the wealth that the farther inlaw leaves when he dies.

Shighadi plans a faked pregnancy test with the doctor and forces.  And entices Luwi’s family into a wedding ceremony hoping that she will be accepted by the family. Her mother Kanini who is a witch helps her to force Luwi to be in love with her using her witches.

Shighadi uses all the means to win Luwi but finally. He divorces her and goes for Maria whom they are planning to wed soon.

Maria TV Show

Maria is a compelling  Kenyan main beat charming drama Television series directed by Julian S. Mwanzele and starring Yasmin Said. The series airs on Citizen TV every weekday between 7.30 pm and 8.00 pm and it’s repeated on Saturday stating 4 pm to 7 pm.

Maria was produced by news anchor couple; Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan. The couple is news anchors who host during the Nipashe Wikendi report on Citizen TV.

Lulu has been able to produce a couple of other shows such as the Moyo series,  Huba, Aziza, Mchikicho wa Pwani, and Maza. Rashid on the other hand is a badass scriptwriter and Swahili Voice artist.

Maria is a well-organized Kenyan love drama series that goes around the life of Luwi. Who is the last born son of a very wealthy family of Hausa.

Luwi falls in love with Maria, who is a pretty lady from the ghetto known as Maria. Boss William brings  Maria into his family to be staying with her. Maria was taken after the death of her mother since she was staying in the streets.

This is the new begging of Maria to adapt to her new life of poch family but she still; in her old way of life.

Maria is still the same humble girl since she was young.  Luwi was in love with Sofia before Maria come to their place.  Luwi’s interest in her lawfully wedded wife shifted to her after Maria came into the picture.    This thing hurt Sofia so much and she wished that Maria could be chased away.

Since Maria comes from the ghetto and Luwi was madly in love with Maria and not her Sofia used to call Maria Chokora.

Sofia’s aim was to inherit Lewis’s wealth after the death of her father-in-law but not marriage. She tries all the means to make sure Luwi falls in love with her but all is in vain.

She came up with a plan and unveiled a pregnancy.  And this makes Luwi quickly do a legal wedding where Sofia ends up as the legal wedded life to Luwi. Their wedding does not stop Luwi from loving Maria. This series is a battle of love that shows the true characters of people when one’s heart decides.

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