Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba) of Zora TV Show, Bio, Age, Height, Wife,Parents & Education, Salary

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba) photo
Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba) photo

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba)Biography

Madiba is also known as  Blessings Lung’aho Hugo is unveiled the Zora Citizen TV love drama series. The Zora Show aired on Citizen TV is the most trending after having replaced the Maria drama series. He is an Actor storyteller model fitness guru.

Lung’aho has appeared in several films and television series. He is significant for his role in the Citizen TV comedy-drama, Makazi, Santalal, Mother-in-law, Country queen,  Dominos and Maria series where he played the role of a house manager of the Hausa Family as Mejja. As of now, he is an actor on Zora TV Show.

Madiba of Zora Television Show Real Name

Madiba’s real name is Blessings Lung’aho Hugo.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba) Age

Lung’aho was born in the year 1988 in Uasin Gishu County, Kapsoya village in Eldoret. He is 33 years old as of 2021.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba) Height

Lung’aho stands at a moderate height. His other body measurements like shoe size and waist size are also unknown.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba)Marital Status

Lung’aho is currently dating Jackie Matubia who is his co-Actress at the Zora series. Jackie Matubia stage name is Nana. Nana confirmed on the 14th of February 2022 that they are dating and Madiba is the baby daddy of her baby.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba)Children

Lung’aho has not shared much about his children, However, he is expecting a baby this year with his co-actress Jackie Matubia whose stage name is Nana. However, in the drama series, he is the father to Lila and Fila.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba) County of Birth

Lung’aho’s county of birth is Eldoret.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba) Place Raised

Lung’aho was born and raised in Uasin Gishu County, Kapsoya village, Eldoret.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba)Nationality

Lung’aho is a Kenyan man by nationality.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba) Tribe

Lung’aho is a Luhya by tribe.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba) Parents

 Lung’aho was born into a family of four. His mother is a professor of Literature while his late father was an accountant. His death marked the lowest moment in Blessings Lung’aho’s life and he even decided to quit accounting to pursue acting. Lung’aho was born in the Uasin Gishu County, Kapsoya village, Eldoret.
He came into the limelight after starring in the popular drama series, Maria. Lung’aho is as of now playing the role of Madiba in the Kenyan popular TV show, Zora.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba)Education

Lung’aho went to Kakamega High School before joining The Catholic University of East Africa for his tertiary education. At CUEA, Blessings he pursued Commerce and majored in Accounting.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba)Occupation

  • Actor.
  • storyteller.
  • model.
  • fitness guru.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba) Salary

Lung’aho’s salary ranges between Ksh 10,000- 20,000 per episode.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba) Net Worth

Lung’aho has an estimated net worth of Kshs. 23 million.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo Role in Zora

Lung’aho plays the role of Madiba in the show. He is the son of the most famous politician Oliver Chibale. Lung’aho was married to his beautiful wife who later passed away and left him with two daughters namely Fila and Lila. Fila and Lila love singing and they have nice vocals. He later falls in love with Zora who is married to Fela.

Lung’aho also falls in love with Nana who is his children’s teacher. Nana forced Madiba to love him but madibas hert is in Zora. They even held a wedding party but Zora was distracted and the wedding was canceled.

Lung’aho’s love for Zora is unstoppable. Zora also loves Madiba so much despite her being married to another man. The two are destined to get married.

Blessings Lung’aho Hugo (Madiba) Career

Lung’aho’s career journey began long ago and has graced our screens on a number of occasions. He has been a local and international model as well. Amongst the commercials are a coca-cola advert in South Africa and a dairy best commercial in Uganda.

Lung’aho has also been featured in some shows such as Makazi, Santalal.  Mother-in-law, Country queen. And Dominos and Maria series where he played the role of a house manager of the Hausa Family.

Zora Tv Show

Zora is a new program airing on Kenya’s Citizen TV outstaring Sarah Hassan and Jackie Matubia. The two were perfectively known as Tanya and Jolene, of the show Tahidi High. Sarah Hassan and Jackie Matubia beautiful actresses are familiar to many Kenyans since they excellently perform their roles in the show.

On Monday, 22nd March, the program kicked off and was set to replace Maria. It airs on Citizen TV from 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm every weekday (Monday to Friday). Zora is also produced by Maria’s producer, Jiffy Pictures, a film company owned by Lulu Hassan, and her husband, TV news presenter, Rashid Abdalla.

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