Asha Hussein (Gloria) of Maria tv Show, Biography, Age, Height, Parents & Education, Salary

Asha Hussein Photo
Asha Hussein Photo

Asha Hussein Biography

Asha Hussein is a Kenyan actress and model well known for her appearance on the CITIZEN TV’s love drama series MARIA. Maria is Gloria’s first show to be a cast and she is looking forward to more acting roles in the future.

Gloria of Maria Real Name

 Her real name is Asha Hussein.

Asha Hussein Age

Hussein was born in the year 2014. She is 7 years old as of 2021.

Asha Hussein Height

Hussein stands at a moderate height. Information about her height will be updated as soon as it’s available.

Asha Hussein real parents

But the real mother of Gloria is Maryanne. She also acts as a maid, Lona’s colleague. Gloria’s real name is Asha Hussein and Maryanne is called Abdalla Botul. Also, the resemblance between her and Maryanne cannot go unnoticed. She is also an actress at Maria’s show. Her real name is called Botul Abdalla. God is good.

Asha Hussein Education

Hussein is a class two pupil at Milimani primary school, Nairobi.

Asha Hussein County of Birth

Hussein’s county of birth is Nairobi.

Asha Hussein Occupation

  • Actress.
  • Model.

Asha Hussein Work

Currently actress at Citizen TV.

Asha Hussein Hobby

Hussein loves dancing and traveling.

Asha Hussein Salary

Hussein’s salary ranges between Ksh 10,000-20,000 per episode.

Asha Hussein Net Worth

Hussein’s net worth is still under review.

Asha Hussein Maria TV Show

Asha Hussein is the youngest actress in Maria and she plays the role of Gloria in the series. She is a young girl with a  loving heart and is loved by all for her kindness. She speaks in a kind and loving voice which attracts the attention of everyone. Hussein is a well-hearted child despite being raised by her mouthy mother, Lona. She still loves her mother regardless of what she does.

Maria TV Show

Maria is an addictive Kenyan Prime Time romantic drama Television series directed by Julian S. Mwanzele and starring Yasmin Said. The series airs on Citizen TV every weekday between 7.30 pm and 8.00 pm and also it’s available on Viusasa.

Maria was produced by the power news anchor couple; Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan. The desirable couple is news anchors who host during the Nipashe Wikendi report on Citizen TV.

Lulu has been able to produce a couple of other shows such as the Moyo series,  Huba, Aziza, Mchikicho wa Pwani, and Maza. Rashid on the other hand is a badass scriptwriter and Swahili Voice artist.

The two surely supplement each other so magnificently. Maria is a well-organized Kenyan love drama series that revolves around the life of Luwi. Who is the last born son of a very wealthy family of Hausa.

Luwi falls in love with Maria, who is a pretty lady from the ghetto. Maria is transferred to move in with the wealthy family by William. Who is Luwi’s father after the death of her mother.

This becomes the start of Maria having to adapt to this new unbelievable life she had never got a chance to experience before. The ghetto in her has not moved an inch regardless of moving to a rich village and life.

Maria is still the same humble girl from back then.  Luwi was in love with a woman known as Sofia all this time.  After Maria came into the picture, Luwi’s interest in Sofia shifted to her, something that really hurt Sofia nevertheless.

Sofia used to call Maria Chokora since she comes from the ghetto and Luwi was madly in love with Maria and not her. She once tried to kill Maria simply because Luwi was in love with her.

Sofia’s aim was to inherit Lewis’s wealth as he came from a rich family but not marriage. She even uses Wichcraft to force Luwi to be in love with her but it’s in vain. Luwis heart is still in Maria but not her.

She came up with a plan and unveiled a pregnancy.  And this makes Luwi quickly do a legal wedding where Sofia ends up as the legal wedded life to Luwi. Their wedding does not stop Luwi from loving Maria. This series is a battle of love that shows the true characters of people when one’s heart decides.

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