Angel Atieno (Fila) of Zora Tv Show, Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Salary

Angel Atieno (Fila)photos
Angel Atieno (Fila)photos

Angel Atieno (Fila) Biography

Fila is also known as  Nyambiya Syekei is unveiled the Zora Citizen TV love drama series. In the series, she acts like a sister to Nyambiya Syekei (Lila). The two girls love each other a lot. Nyambiya Syekei and Angel Atieno have appeared on a national television show in Kenya.

One was featured in KTN Kids Show, Club Kiboko. So it’s not their first time being on Tv. As per the Zora series, she is an actress, artisan, gymnast, singer, and dancer. Atieno is very young, just turned 10 years yesterday, her determination and ambitions are great.

Angel Atieno(Fila) Age

Atieno is currently 9 years old this year 2021. However, she has not shared her date and month of birth in the limelight.

Fila of Zora Tv Show Real Name

Filas real name is Angel Atieno.

Angel Atieno (Fila) Height

Atieno’s height is not known to the limelight.

Angel Atieno(Fila) County of Birth

Atieno’s county of birth is Nairobi.

Angel Atieno (Fila) Place Raised

Atieno was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya.

Angel Atieno(Fila) Parents

Atieno is the elder in the family of two siblings; she has a last-born younger brother who is yet to turn 3 years old.

Angel Atieno (Fila) Nationality

Atieno is Kenyan by Nationality.

Angel Atieno (Fila) Education

Atieno is still in primary although she has not mentioned the name of the school.

Angel Atieno (Fila) Occupation

  • actress.
  • artisan.
  • gymnast.
  • singer.
  • dancer.

Angel Atieno (FilaOscar) Hobbies

Atieno who is known as Fila in Zora Citizen TV Series is not left behind when it comes to having multiple God-given talents. She is a talented singer too, she does gymnastics, and is also a great dancer. Atieno has released her own gospel song titled ‘Holly Spirit’. It was released a few months ago and is now live on YouTube.

Angel Atieno (Fila)  Salary

Atieno’s salary ranges between Ksh 10,000- 20,000 per episode.

Angel Atieno (Fila) Net Worth

Atieno’s net worth is still under review.

Angel Atieno (Fila) Role in Zora

In the drama series, the little girls lost their mother in an accident (in the second episode) and are currently living with their uncle Kwame. The “Kwame” character is played by Quincy Rapando, who used to play the “Thomas” role in the Maria Drama Series.

Their father “Madiba” was the cause of the accident because he was driving while drunk. He is currently in deep thoughts and has lots of regrets. Madiba’s role is being played by Blessing Lung’aho.

Zora Tv Show

Zora is a new program airing on Kenya’s Citizen TV outstaring Sarah Hassan and Jackie Matubia. The two were perfectively known as Tanya and Jolene, of the show Tahidi High.

On Monday, 22nd March, the program kicked off and was set to replace Maria. It airs on Citizen TV from 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm every weekday (Monday to Friday). Zora is also produced by Maria’s producer, Jiffy Pictures, a film company owned by Lulu Hassan, and her husband, TV news presenter, Rashid Abdalla.


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